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Trending: Could ChatGPT Replace Recruiters? - Lakshhr
Tools: Get Skills-First Hiring Right - Linkedin Talent Blog
Insights: Top Hiring Trends for 2023 - ET HR
The Big Launch: DI- Hire (Laksh News)

Could ChatGPT Replace Recruiters?

Given all the chat around ChatGPT, our CEO Ankur Agrawal discusses how it can be leveraged to benefit recruitment and also its current limitations. Here is his take on the uses and the impact of ChatGPT in recruitment and hiring in the near future.

4 Practical Ways to Get Skills-First Hiring Right

“Skills-first hiring” is one of the hottest topics in talent acquisition now, and companies have increasingly begun to embrace the idea. This Linkedin Blog discussed how to go about it.

On the go? Listen to the first episode of ‘The DEI India Podcast – The How & Why of Diversity Hiring’ with Urvashi Verma, TA Head, APAC at XPERI.

Top 5 Hiring Trends to Look Out for in 2023

In this article, ETHRWorld brings to you some of the top practices that are expected to elevate the whole hiring experience for an incredible pool of talent in 2023 and beyond.

The Big Launch: DI-Hire

We are excited to announce the launch of our new diversity hiring practice, by the name DI-HiRE. Get connected to learn more about how our diversity hiring service with a focus on the Indian Diversity Market can help your organization.

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