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Kickoff: The Rise of the Technology Leaders
Introspect: What’s going on here, with this human?
Insights: Navigating the end of jobs
Trends: HR Head who is also a CIO and Head – Operations & Technology

The Rise of the Technology Leader?

Prashant Jha, Partner, LakshHR discusses how the role of a Tech Leader is no longer just to enable technology but to use that technology to help move the business forward..

What’s going on here, with this human?

Graham Duncan in this essay makes recommendations about candidate selection based on thousands of assessments he has made and obsessive interest in the topic…

On the go? Listen to the third episode of ‘The DEI India Podcast – The Tools & Policies of Inclusion at the Workplace’ with Ankita Mehra, LinkedIn Top Voice, Tedx Speaker, XPERI.

Navigating the End of Jobs

This exclusive Deloitte insights talks about skills replacing jobs as the focal point for matching workers with work…

Exclusive Interview with R Venkattesh, DCB Bank

In this article, ETHRWorld brings how an HR professional, who's got largely experienced in the HR world, doing a role which is as complex as banking operations, technology and Data Sciences...

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