Hiring for Startups

Hiring for a startup is much different than hiring for a large company or a well-established venture. There is very little scope for a bad hire, and not at all easy to identify and attract the right talent. And there is no organizational support or skill in hiring talent. Often the Founder(s) end up spending a lot of bandwidth in trying to source and identify the best people.

What Laksh brings to the table is an exper team that helps you right from identifying the kind of skill sets that you need in the organization, to building organizations and JDs, to sourcing, screening and onboarding the desirable candidates. And all of this with minimal involvement of the founder(s).

We have identified the following 5 stages to the hiring process

Building the Organisation structure and JDs

  • Identifying the skill sets
  • Identifying key positions
  • Defining the roles and KRAs
  • Timelines

Defining the culture

  • What kind of an organization you want
  • The softer part
  • How to build it from day 1

Getting your story right

  • Why you – the USP
  • The pitch to the candidates
  • Building the experience

Getting the candidates

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Scheduling
  • Negotiations
  • Onboarding

The offer

  • Reference Checks
  • Induction
  • HR/Admin Support


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