RPO/Bulk Hiring

Have a spike in Manpower needs? Our Plug and Play team is here to help!

While it is possible to manage your talent needs on a day to day basis through traditional means, when there is sudden jump in numbers, whether due to a new project or ambitious expansion plans, trying to hire them through existing setup is extremely strenuous as well as extremely cost inefficient.

We offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services/Bulk hiring services where we provide immediate support through a Plug and Play team. We take over the whole process- right from getting the requisitions from business, sharing it with all sourcing channels, screening and filtering the candidates, coordinating the discussions and on-boarding.

The team can work on a permanent RPO contract, or on a project basis. 
We work behind the scenes, freeing your bandwidth to concentrate on the core competency areas and towards the attainment of business objectives and goals. You can focus on their core functions and can get a better return on investment.




Want to work with us? E-mail us – careers@lakshhr.com

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